Saturday, September 21, 2013

Final Notice: ...Last Post.

So after a couple of years posting irregularly, I've decided to hang up the towel and take an honorable bow from the world of Blogger. If this were a romantic relationship, it was definitely an on-and-off one where I sometimes couldn't find the time for you and when I could, sometimes I couldn't be bothered coming back. And when I was in the mood, I would sit with you for hours just working on you with projects and neglecting all my homework and household chores. You made me forget about the stress back then. Those were the days.    

Well, I'm not going to purge this blog and I'll be around to comment on all the other blogs I follow, so you'll see me around. I just won't be here anymore to do my irregular rants and such. I won't be updating this blog anymore. It will end with just a few of my sentimental words and a classic goodbye.

Can it be?

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Yes. So, goodbye my lover and my fellow readers (yeah, I know, there are only a couple of you actually following me). Thank you to everyone who ever visited, watched the videos I posted, read what I had to say and left me comments. Well, except for you damned spammers and bots that decided to take a dump in my CBox. You're one of the reasons why there's a data shortage on the Internet. But anyway, it's been a generally enjoyable ride.

I bid you farewell. Adieu!

With love,


PSCYCHE! I'M TOTALLY JUST KIDDING! I wasn't joking about the last post here, because this will be my last post here, on Blogger. I'm actually just migrating over to Tumblr, since I think their platform may be more applicable to me. In the sense that I can more easily reblog things and also not have to worry about posting videos. I'm looking for a cleaner interface. I guess I'll talk more about it once I've moved all my things there. So, just bear in mind while I'm tidying things up and in the process of moving over to my new place. See you there!